And that was that

The last gig came and went like any other but this time something was different, after the load in of all the gear back at the room we said our usual good byes and this one was difficult and almost awkward but our farewell to Paul on his being part of a band was over, we'd all like to say we didn't feel emotional cos we're menly men but that's bollocks, i'd been dreading that moment and that feeling all year.

Our next practice will be with a different lineup and since we've been jamming with the new lineup it won't feel too bad, especially when we get playing but make no mistake, there will be many fond stories and memories spoken of our adventures together with Paul for some time to come and after 12 years there are a lot of great ones, but now it's time to put all that aside and push on to new things.

Thanks Paul, for being a friend first and foremost, thank you for being family to us and thank you for all the great times we've had travelling to some god forsaken venue in the middle of nowhere playing (literally) to that man and his sleeping dog while we scared the crap out of everyone (staff behind the bar) on a freezing cold winter night to our last gig in Heckmondwike, Yorkshire, at your last gig playing to a great crowd, 

you've been a great frontman and we'll miss you very much,
good luck in all your future endeavours, love you brother.