Another slow start to the year, nothing till the 22nd of Feb in Warrington, We have been busy though, Rob has been working hard on getting his vocals and lyrics ready, Sty on bass is flying and we're all looking forward to be doing gigs again.

With Sty in now we find we have a media department rather than the occasional weird arsed picture i put up so keep a look out for any snippets and videos that get put up on our Facebook page.

We're also working hard on new material, it's nice to be creating again, we feel like we've just been putting it off for too long, we were originally going to release an EP but we're well past that now and we don't go into the studio until September so a full length it is, with maybe an EP out before then as well, hopefully, now that i see it in print i really want that to happen 😊

That's all there is news wise, time to gig, write music, record and have another fun year, wherever that may be, see you there 👍

Sty showing Lee some new riffage