New year, new tunes, er... that's it really

2020 was a drag but somehow in all the lack of chaos we managed to finish writing new material and get it recorded.

We went into Rain City Studio last September where the dulcet tones of Gav repeating the immortal words "that was shit, do it again" rang a constant until we reached happy levels, it wasn't all happy, it was downright infuriating and frustrating at times but when is it not? overall it was a good experience though and we have an awesome set of tunes to show for it.

The new EP will be released through Lickerish Records however if there are any other D.I.Y. labels or distros who might be interested in helping out with the release please get in touch for more info.

Come the new year we released our first song from the EP "Bastardised" and you can see the video here including all the usual streaming links below