New release, new tunes, new ways for us to torture your ears


For some reason the words fail me on how to write up this particular edition about our new release ''Another Dose of Madness''.

 The truth is that we've had these songs back for quite some time now but at the time we were all in the middle of a pandemic and we didn't want to release until that had eased somewhat, so now it's out and we did it in the same manner in which we always release something and that was to just decide on the day, no build ups, no count downs, no release gig, just, everything is ready so here ya go.

All the apathy of release dates aside we are extremely proud of this release, these are good solid catchy tunes that are somewhat different from our previous releases but not by that much that you'd notice and we're very happy with how they turned out and a huge thanks to Gav of Rain City for the great effort to give us such a great finish on the masters,

We hope you enjoy them too :)